Zimi Multipurpose Switch - 1 Button - White - 10A

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Multi Purpose Switches

The Multi Purpose Switch that’s mighty useful.

Control more than just lighting with a multi-talented switch.

Integrated with AirTouch* - Learn More Here

Control your Smart Multi Purpose Switches from your AirTouch console on the wall.


Switch what you want,
the way you want

It is up to you how you control your home with the Zimi Multi Purpose Switches. Control devices hardwired, and not plugged into the mains like exhaust fans, garage lights, bathroom heat lamps, towel rails…the list is endless.

App Control
Anywhere or anytime
Voice Control**
Hands free convenience
Switch Control
It's quick and easy

What can Smart Multi Purpose Switches do for me?

Behaviour Link...
Your Favourite Control

You can very simply and easily link Zimi devices to experience your favourite smart home accessories for lighting, appliances and more.

Zimi’s unique Behaviour Link is a simple solution to control your home. It’s that extra switch you always wanted.


Exhaust Fans

No need to turn them off, set a timer to do it for you.


Garage Lights

Switch them off after you’ve left, set a timer to make it easy. No need to turn them off, set a timer to do it for you.


Heat Lamps

Don’t risk wasting energy, set a timer just in case.


Toilet Lights and Fan

Turn them off a little later. Timers make the little things unforgettable.

Switch them with your voice**

Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control of your home’s switches: the choice is yours.



Multi Purpose Switches

Simply replace your switches and control your lighting and more, with the convenience of Zimi. Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone, it’s so easy for you to take control today.

  • True retrofit – suitable for 2 wire (no neutral) & 3 wire installations.
  • Master / Slave setting so multiple devices can control the same lights.
  • Suitable for dimmable LED, incandescent & halogen lights (250W max).
  • Available in black or white with 3 different skins to suit your décor.


Please note this product is not DIY and must be installed by a licensed electrician! Remote access of your Powermesh enabled products and voice integration requires Zimi Cloud Connect and Internet connection.


*Requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection.

**Voice Control requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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