Smart Home

Smart Home

Smart Living Starts Here with AirTouch and Zimi


Zimi is easily expandable

Start with just a few components, add more as needed or get total convenience with a complete ecosystem.

Mesh Network: Simple, Secure and Reliable

The future of connected devices use mesh networks. Zimi components send and receive messages from each other. Each device plays a role, with more linked devices providing network reliability and a quicker response, improving the experience for you.

Your all in one system

With the familiarity of traditional devices and the ease of smart device and voice control, you’ll quickly become accustomed to the convenience.


Heated Towels at 6am

Schedule your switches with Zimi.

Never Forget to turn it Off

With Timers & Schedules pre set a timer to turn it on or off automatically.

Switch Anything

Switch your outdoor lights on from inside. Great for garden and pool lighting.


Behaviour Link...
Your Favourite Control

You can very simply and easily link Zimi devices to experience your favourite smart home accessories for lighting, appliances and more.

Zimi’s unique Behaviour Link is a simple solution to control your home. It’s that extra switch you always wanted.


Cloud Connect

Future proofs all your Zimi devices allowing for new app and voice updates to be provided.


*Requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection.

**Voice Control requires Zimi Cloud Connect with an active internet connection and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.