Braemar LCQ550

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The Braemar Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning units are a significant component in reverse cycle technology. With its exceptional water distribution function which increases the cooling effect, this Australian designed, world patented, free flow, water distributor ensures constant, even pad saturation increasing the cooling effect and outperforming competitor products.

The Paradigm Series promises:

  • Quality and reliability.
  • High efficiency.
  • Standard with MagIQtouch controller.

Breakthrough Mini-cell^ Chillcel® pad technology

Dramatic improvement in cooling efficiency.

  • Revolutionary new Mini-cell structure provides a new development in cooling technology.
  • New enhanced small cell design, means that the Braemar range boasts a new cutting edge level of cooling capacity – up to 20% more than before, for the highest efficiency product.
  • New pad formulation has resulted in having 25% more surface area dramatically improving cooling efficiency.
  • The only evaporative cooling pads fully manufactured in Australia to suit the harsh Australian climate, and now, the absolute over-performer.

Tornado® pump that won’t block

  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Exceptional reliability in extreme conditions.
  • Dual directional – it can’t block.

AutoWinterseal® reduces draughts and dust

  • Automatic sealing system.
  • Reduces need for winter cover.

Auto water draining keeps your system clean

  • Empties the reservoir automatically when system is not in use, leaving it clean and dry.
  • Ensures the system is operating at maximum efficiency, while using the minimum amount of water.
  • Helps to avoid the seasonal maintenance* as required by some other similar products.

Highly durable and non-corrosive outer casing

  • High performance Permatuf® polymer construction will not corrode or rust.

Stealth® fan is whisper quiet

  • Advanced aerodynamic design.
  • Super quiet in operation.
  • Produces a constant, cool, quiet, refreshing breeze.

Totally enclosed tropic proof motor

  • Ensures long term performance and incredible reliability of your system.
  • Variable speed motor offers maximum control over your family’s comfort level all summer through.

WaterManager® saves water

  • Uses the minimum amount of water to achieve high efficiency cooling.
  • Water quality monitoring to maximise water savings.
  • Keeps your system clean.

Firewall ember screen (optional extra)

  • Helps guard against ember attack in bushfires.
  • Made from non-combustible mesh.
  • Maximum aperture of 2mm.
  • Can be fitted to existing cooler pad frames.
  • Minimal reduction in air flow of 5%.



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