Ducted Gas Heaters

Ducted Gas Heaters

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Ducted gas heating, a simple alternative to keeping your home warm and cosy. 

Get Warm This Winter with a Ducted Gas Heating System, a safe, reliable and energy efficient way for whole house heating. As electricity prices rise, gas ducted systems offer an efficient but very effective way to warm your home. Easily installed in new, or pre-build houses, they deliver warm air throughout your home with discreet vents in the ceiling or wall. 

A range offered by Braemar, Bonaire and Brivis are made to quickly heat up a single room or entire house depending on how they are installed. Generally available in various sizes depending on requirements (15kW to 35kW) and energy ratings (3 stars to 6 stars).

Why Ducted Gas Heating?

Electricity prices are rising and it can be inefficient to use electricity for heating. Gas on the other hand can be more efficient to heat air with and ducted gas heaters can deliver a steady flow of warmed air throughout most homes. 

What are Ducted Gas Star Ratings?

In simple terms, the higher the star rating, the more efficient the gas heater is in the volume of gas used to warm the air. We offer 3 Star, 4 Star, 5 Star and 6 Star gas heaters. 

How do they work?

The gas heater heats air using gas. The air is drawn through the heater, where the cold air is passed over a heat exchanger warming it by gas combustion. Once warmed, the air is distributed throughout the home with flexible ducts. Hidden in the roof space, these ducts are connected to air vents, normally jet diffusers in the ceiling that push the warmed air out into the room.

Controlling the temperature 

Gas heaters come with controllers to adjust the temperature. Often, a thermostat is installed centrally in your home and you can control the heating easily from there. 

Output Capacity

Ducted gas heaters' capacities are measured in kW output sizes. It is important to remember that you do not need to always buy the biggest unit for maximum comfort. Choose the output capacity to match the size and general heating needs of your home. Something too small won't be able to heat your home quickly or adequately at all, whereas something too powerful could result in overheating or just wasting energy.