Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted Air Conditioners

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Control multiple rooms or your entire house temperature using a single ducted system. Ducted air conditioning is the smartest solution to home climate control.

Ducted air conditioning means a system where the internal unit is installed within the roof space of a house or office and a chain of ducts run to each room delivering conditioned air.

The Ultimate in Home Climate Control

With Ducted Air Conditioning, you get a system that provides whole house climate control but you can choose which rooms are warmed or cooled.

Because of their technologies, reverse cycle ducted systems can both cool and warm your home. Discrete, they consist of two key components, the indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is safely installed outside and is connected to the indoor unit via copper pair coil. The two units work together exchanging warmed or cooled refrigerant to change the temperature of the air as desired.

The indoor unit is hidden out of sight, in your ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through outlets located throughout your home.

The reverse cycle ducted system draws air from within the home through the return air system. This is often a return air grille, and it is important to make sure it stays clean. 

Pro tip: If you need to replace your return air grille, check them out here.

This air is then warmed or heated depending on what mode your system is set to, and your set point temperature. Important to remember that while an evaporative air conditioner can be ducted, a reverse cycle system lets you specify an actual set point temperature for either heating or cooling. - You set the mode (cool, heat, fan, dry, or others depending on your manufacturer) fan speed, and set point temperature on the control system. 


Zoning takes the control of your reverse cycle ducted system beyond just mode, temperature and fan speed by letting you control which rooms receive conditioned air and how much. You wouldn't have 1 light switch for the entire house, so with zoning technology you can enjoy a switch to turn the cooling/heating on and off in individual rooms from just one air conditioner. You can also adjust the volume of air going into each room with controllers like ZoneTouch.

The technology can go further with fully integrated controllers like AirTouch that let you replace the AC unit control and give you control of the air volume, and temperature of each room individually. 

How is the air distributed?

Flexible duct is connected to the indoor unit and insulated to make sure that air which reaches your rooms is not affected by warm or cold air in the roof space. The duct itself is connected to outlets which is what you see in the ceiling. If you have a zoning system, electronically controlled dampers connected to it open and close to turn the air flow on and off in each room or zone.

Choosing the right size

When purchasing a ducted system, we are all looking for a solution that will provide the ultimate in home comfort for our families that will perform economically and reliably for many years to come. Whilst the selection of the appropriate brand and size of the equipment is critical, equally important is the selection of the components which will work in conjunction with the unit and deliver the conditioned air to all areas of your home.

Ducted systems are measured in kW capacity. Choose the system that matches the needs of your home. If you have a multi storey house, you'll need multiple units. Pick the unit that would work best for the area it is heating or cooling. Too powerful a unit will mean that it is often turning itself on and off increasing wear and decreasing energy efficiency. Too small a unit will mean you may not reach your desired temperature.