What Type of Air Conditioner shall I choose?

Choosing an air conditioning system can be quite tricky as it is a costly investment for the home so it’s only natural that you’ll want to select the right one to suit your family and budget. Each system has its pros and cons so it’s important to know what you need and be well informed about each of their features, cost and installation requirements.

There are many factors to consider before getting a new air conditioning unit for your home or replacing an old one. Whether it is a ducted reverse cycle system, split system, or a new gas heater, we at Polyaire are here to help you find the most ideal solution that will suit your lifestyle and budget.


Selecting the right air conditioner depends on numerous factors including room size, ceiling height, if your home has insulation, is there a big window in a room, does it receive a lot of sunlight, etc.

But don’t let all this overwhelm you: Everyone wants to be comfortable at home.

Split Systems

Split Systems are a simple and affordable way to cool or heat single rooms individually or open areas. They’re also great for regulating the temperature of larger rooms such as a lounge rooms or master bedrooms. They are energy and noise efficient as well as easy to install and maintain. It also gives you the flexibility in the sense that when the need arises, you can add on more units if needed. Each unit has a simple remote control which allows completely different temperature settings for each room.


Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

A Ducted reverse cycle system is the most ideal if you prefer heating or cooling from one system. It allows each room to be heated/cooled individually especially with the installation of zoning technology. This system uses a network of flexible ducts in the roof-space which distributes conditioned air through multi directional outlets or grilles installed in the ceiling or bulkhead.

Having your ducted air conditioning system work with our latest innovation, AirTouch 4, enables you to enjoy smart climate control at home. This means you can switch the system on or off and control the temperature/ air volume in each room using a control panel, your phone or any smart tablet from anywhere, any time of the day.

Evaporative Coolers

If you’re living in a dry climate area, Evaporative Coolers is the perfect and inexpensive solution to offer you a cooling only mode using water in its process.

Starting from a reservoir, a pump is used to circulate water onto the cooling pads on all four sides of the unit making them very wet. When that happens, air from outside the unit is drawn through the moistened pad and successively cools the air by evaporation.

This air is then distributed throughout the home using flexible ducts and outlets in each room. A lot of evaporative coolers have a fan only mode to circulate fresh air in the house. It is important to note that when in operation, evaporative systems need you to keep some windows and doors open to allow air to flow freely.

Gas Heating

When it comes to living in colder climate areas, having a system such as Gas Heaters are an option to consider. With electricity prices rising, gas heating remains an economical way to warm the entire home and gives you a central point of control using a thermostat.

Gas heaters are rated in star ratings for energy. As a general rule, the higher the star rating, the more efficient the heater is. Ducted systems, be it reverse cycle, evaporative coolers or gas heaters require more complex installation for efficiency and safety purposes.