Outlets, Grilles & Diffusers

Outlets, Grilles & Diffusers

  • Plastic Roundjet


    Plastic Roundjet

    $50.60 Inc. GST

    $46.00 Ex. GST
    The Polyaire Roundjet is designed to throw air downward in a column and is very useful for high ceilings and stairwells where it is necessary to push air a long way. It is particularly efficient where a stronger more direct flow is required to get...
  • Round Ceiling Diffuser


    Round Ceiling Diffuser

    $42.11 Inc. GST

    $38.28 Ex. GST
    The standard Polyaire Round Ceiling Diffuser is designed for long term strength and rigidity. It is fully adjustable by rotating the centre cone from total shutoff to fully open. The standard colour is off-white, the outer surface is lightly etched to...
  • Floor Boots


    Floor Boots

    $20.90 Inc. GST

    $19.00 Ex. GST
    The specifically designed floor boot with manual balancing air flow damper and off set entry spigot allows for easy installation in confined areas. Features: The air flow damper incorporated in the grille face permits the ‘shut off’ of...
  • Polyaire Floor Grille 300 x 100 mm


    Polyaire Floor Grille 300 x 100 mm

    $37.40 Inc. GST

    $34.00 Ex. GST
    The Floor Grille is designed to effectively maximise the airflow performance of each individual outlet. Features: The ‘cross floor’ pattern allows conditioned air to be discharged at exactly the right angle to maintain room comfort...
  • Floor Register 350 x 150 mm


    Floor Register 350 x 150 mm

    $57.20 Inc. GST

    $52.00 Ex. GST
    The Plastic Floor Register features an updated closing mechanism with new twin dampers which allows accurate control of airflow and is easier to open and shut. Features: Easy to keep clean – does not collect dirt easily. The twin blade design...

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