Flexible Duct

Flexible Duct

  • Polyaire

    Firebreak Duct R1.0

    $35.20 Inc. GST
    $32.00 Ex. GST
    Polyaire Firebreak Flexible Duct is manufactured from metalized Mylar and clear Mylar substrates, incorporating totally enclosed helically wound galvanised high tensile steel wire. The layers are bonded with a fire retardant adhesive to ensure long...
  • Polyaire

    Duct Core

    $12.76 Inc. GST
    $11.60 Ex. GST
    Polyaire Metallized Core fire rated flexible duct is manufactured from metallized Mylar and clear Mylar substrates, incorporating totally encapsulated helically wound spring wire. Bonded with a fire retardant and slip resistant dry deposit adhesive, this...
  • Polyaire

    Firebreak Duct R1.5

    $47.22 Inc. GST
    $42.93 Ex. GST
    Polyaire’s best selling Polyester Insulated Firebreak Duct is now rated to R1.5. Features: Better insulation Less temperature gain/loss in the roof Better temperature transference to rooms Reduced running costs Higher efficiency Meets or...

Flexible ducting, also known as ‘flex’, is used to transport heated or cooled air from the unit into your home and vice versa through the grilles or diffusers. They are commonly used on reverse cycle and gas heating systems in a residential setting. The performance of each ducting system is widely impacted by the quality of its material, sizing, its R value and the way it’s been installed.