Smart Air Conditioning Control & Zoning for Australian Homes

Australia's favourite air conditioning controllers. Our range includes reliable and easily installed zoning solutions of up to 16 zones for your home's heating and cooling, as well as complete, fully integrated home climate control systems that offer individual room temperature and airflow control from modern touch screens or smartphone apps on the latest Apple iOS or Google Android devices.


Automated Climate Control


"Getting a Home Automation system originally seemed to be so expensive to do everything...

...But then we found AirTouch:

It is such a cost effective solution to give us smart air conditioning...we are so happy, comfortable, and we are saving on our home energy use!"


Made for Australian Homes...

australian homes

Not all smart air control systems are created equal: Many are designed without taking into consideration the harsh and changeable Australian climate. AirTouch and ZoneMaster were invented in Australia, and are designed to give Australian households optimum comfort and enhance the energy efficiency of their air conditioning.

Tap into a new level of comfort...

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AirTouch and ZoneMaster might utilise the very latest in smart home automation technology for your home's climate control: But that doesn't mean they compromise on ease of use. With intuitive interfaces your personal comfort at home is guaranteed with one touch from you, either from a stylish touch screen or a clever smartphone app!