AC Zoning Systems

AC Zoning Systems

  • ZoneTouch [Zone Kits]


    ZoneTouch [Zone Kits]

    $603.90 Inc. GST

    $549.00 Ex. GST
    Control the climate in your home when and where you need it most.   16 Zones Touch Screen Turbo Zone Individual Temperature Control*     Stay in control of the...

AirTouch & ZoneMaster zone controllers provide Comfort and Control of your air conditioning. 

AirTouch 2 is an integrated air conditioner controller which enables you to control every aspect of your air conditioning system using a smart phone or tablet from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a WiFi or 3G/4G network connection and you’ll be able to manage the air flow and comfort levels of each room individually for maximum efficiency, promised comfort and cost savings. AirTouch 2 lets you control your set point temperature, and manage air conditioning zones throughout your home.

ZoneTouch, ZoneSwitch and VAV-Single Zone are key products of the ZoneMaster family. Each product provides control of air conditioning systems designed to manage 1 to 16 zones.