• Polyaire

    Firebreak Flexible Duct R1.0

    $38.72 Inc. GST

    $35.20 Ex. GST
    Polyaire Firebreak Flexible Duct is manufactured from metalized Mylar and clear Mylar substrates, incorporating totally enclosed helically wound galvanised high tensile steel wire. The layers are...
  • Polyaire

    MDO - X Kits (300mm) - With Plastic Clips

    $75.90 Inc. GST

    $69.00 Ex. GST
    The latest addition to the comprehensive range of Polyaire ceiling vents is the Adjustable Multi Directional Outlet (MDO-X). It’s unique design means it can be both fixed and adjustable.
  • Polyaire

    Seamless Drip Tray

    $59.40 Inc. GST

    $54.00 Ex. GST
    The Air Conditioning unit in the roof produces condensed water that needs to be piped away, and if this pipe gets blocked, overflowing water can badly damage your roof, electrics, etc. All ducted...
  • Polyaire

    Plastic Roundjet

    $38.50 Inc. GST

    $35.00 Ex. GST
    The Polyaire Roundjet is designed to throw air downward in a column and is very useful for high ceilings and stairwells where it is necessary to push air a long way. It is particularly efficient...
  • Polyaire

    Round Ceiling Diffuser

    $31.90 Inc. GST

    $29.00 Ex. GST
    The standard Polyaire Round Ceiling Diffuser is manufactured from high impact ABS for long term strength and rigidity. It is fully adjustable by rotating the centre cone from total shutoff to fully...
  • Polyaire

    Flexible Duct Core

    $13.75 Inc. GST

    $12.50 Ex. GST
    Polyaire Metallized Core fire rated flexible duct is manufactured from metallized Mylar and clear Mylar substrates, incorporating totally encapsulated helically wound spring wire. Bonded with a fire...
  • Polyaire

    Firebreak Flexible Duct R1.5

    $52.03 Inc. GST

    $47.30 Ex. GST
    Polyaire’s best selling Polyester Insulated Firebreak Duct is now rated to R1.5. Features: Better insulation Less temperature gain/loss in the roof Better temperature transference to...
  • Polyaire

    AirTouch 2 [Zone Kits]

    $878.90 Inc. GST

    $799.00 Ex. GST
    AirTouch 2 Staying cool is easy with AirTouch 2   AirTouch 2 is a solution for the control of your air conditioning unit and zone management throughout your home. With a smart touch...
  • Polyaire

    ZoneSwitch [Zone Kits]

    $218.90 Inc. GST

    $199.00 Ex. GST
    Simple and attractive air control system to easily turn on or off the air flow in up to 6 zones.   6 Zones LED Button Illumination Elegant...
  • Polyaire

    ZoneTouch [Zone Kits]

    $603.90 Inc. GST

    $549.00 Ex. GST
    Control the climate in your home when and where you need it most.   16 Zones Touch Screen Turbo Zone Individual Temperature...
  • Polyaire

    Quick Fix Manual Damper PL - Insulated

    $23.10 Inc. GST

    $21.00 Ex. GST
    Features: ‘Hi-Torque’ folded metal blade and shaft for extra strength and long life Metal blade position indicator for ease of use and adjustment of system Positive locking mechanism...